The Garden Home brand represents Perfection at its best. Our Crystals are 100% lead free, cut, bevelled and polished by hand with ultimate precision and skill by our craft masters in the factories of China & Singapore. Truly brilliant workmanship perfected for decades at its best!

The ring on our logo symbolizes “All Rounded Service” and “Family” orientation. The diamond sparkle symbolizes the rarity and standard we set for ourselves. The logo colors navy blue symbolizes wisdom, confidence, intelligence and faith. White symbolizes the purity, clarity and perfection of Quality Crystals.

The history of the BOHEMIA trademark is inseparably joined with the history of the Poděbrady glassworks. It reflects history of the country of the same name, a centuries old glass-making tradition, and also a portion of bohemianism, characteristic of artists. From the very beginning, the outstanding features of the articles under this trademark were high quality and artistic value following the craftsmanship and skilfulness of glassmakers, technicians and designers of the glassworks.

The world renowned blue and gold symbol BOHEMIA CZECH REPUBLIC – LEAD CRYSTAL OVER 24% PbO has a strong position in a great deal of countries, to name here Australia, Japan or former Soviet Union countries as an example. The unique tradition of lead crystal making masters connected with this trademark has been never interrupted and it is therefore highly regarded. Moreover, the blue and gold over is more than only a trademark. For a consumer, it is also a confirmation of origin and features of the goods. Furthermore, it serves as a guarantee of quality, the value associated with the name BOHEMIA and artistry passed down by countless generations of glassmakers.