Our products are priced in accordance to its clarity, purity, packaging and presentation. The distinctions in each aspect of these can actually be very significant when it comes to crystal quality and cost.


Bespoke Supreme Grade Crystals are designed and built to the customer’s unique specific requirements. Such designs are not readily available and cannot be found in any of the common marketplaces. Due to their rarity, these limited editions are highly treasured and priceless!




8 Series Liu Li Crystals Liu li is an idea, an emotion. Liu li are sought after for their fine workmanship that goes through a long process of manufacturing. Each individual piece of colour and air bubbles is unique to its own. Our Supreme Grade Liu li Crystals are paired with our Supreme Grade Clear Crystal for engraving of personalize texts for the most quintessential gift!




7 Series Supreme Grade Crystals are flawless and present no blemishes visible to a skilled grader. Their purity and clarity are unmatchable like a pure drop of water. Supreme grade crystal gifts and awards are the result of quality and exquisite workmanship. Due to their perfection and excellent presentation, there is only one word to describe them: Brilliance!



5 Series Standard Grade Crystals are our entry level crystals offered at competitive prices. They are clear and almost flawless! Occasionally, they may contain very minor blemishes or very tiny bubbles which is so subtle that they are not noticeable to the untrained eye. They offer a friendlier budget to our customers with the same quality workmanship.




3 Series Fine Grade Crystals are a mixture of our Standard grade crystal with premium glass. They are perfect for customers working on a tight timeline and budget without forsaking elegance.




1 Series Premium Glass is the most basic range out of our entire range of available products. They offer the most budget friendly solution to our customers. Our compelling plaque designs make them suitable for gifting in most occasions!



[ Online Service Price List ]

External Engrave with Unlimited Texts – $30/surface
External Engrave with Unlimited Texts & 1 Clip-art Image ( Vector/Logo) – $40/surface
Color UV Print with Unlimited Texts – $60/surface
Color UV Print with Unlimited Texts & 1 Clip-art Image (Vector/Logo) – $80/surface
Color UV Print with Unlimited Texts & 1 Photographic Image – $100/surface

Express Production Service – $30/pc
Standard Local Shipping (Free above SGD 99 ) – $15/trip
One-day EXPRESS SG Courier Service – $30/trip
SG COLLECTION is only available Monday to Fridays between 10:00 am – 12.00pm or 2.00pm – 5:00 pm – FREE

[ Offline Service Price List ] Lead time is generally shorter than Online orders

Service Fee – $60/one time (mandatory)
Artwork Designing Service – $60-$120 , may be waived if artwork attachment in AI/EPS format is provided.
Express Production Service – $30/pc
One-day Express Production Service – $60/pc
One-day Express SG Courier Service – $20/pc cap at $60/trip + $30 on top of courier fee.
SG COLLECTION is only available Monday to Fridays between 10:00 am – 12.00pm or 2.00pm – 5:00 pm – FREE

[ Bespoke Service Price List | Local Manufacturing ]

Assorted Plating Workmanship – $30/surface
Grind & Polish Workmanship – $60/surface
Buff & Shine Workmanship – $30/surface
Adhesive UV Ray Glue Workmanship – $30/surface

[ Bespoke Service Price List | Overseas Manufacturing ] Lead time is generally longer than in-stocks.

Bespoke Service Fee – $120/one time (mandatory)
Bespoke Express Production Service – $60/pc
Bespoke Express Shipping Fee – $30/pc cap at $120/shipment + $60 on top of shipping fee.

Artwork Designing Service – $120-$380, depending on the complexity of your bespoke item and artwork design.
Clay Modelling Service 
– $380/one time (If necessary)

2D Internal Lasering of Unlimited texts – $80/surface
2D Internal Lasering of additional Clip-art – $30/surface
2D Photographic Image – $180/surface
3D Photographic Image with 3D Max Model – $380/surface

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