About Us

Who are we?

Garden Home Crystal Palace Pte Ltd is an expansion from Garden Home Gifts and Souvenirs Pte Ltd since 2009. We specialize in a variety of crystal products ranging from personalized gifts to corporate gifts such as award trophies and plaques, figurines, vases and crystal-ware.

Each creation has its own distinctiveness and taste, providing added value for a variety of special events, award ceremonies, schools, and conferences. With our team of committed staff, sincere efforts, innovative ideas, intelligent directions and skillful executives, it is our pride to achieve excellence through our high quality products, services and customer satisfaction.

What can we do for you?

Garden Home Crystal Palace provide customers with Supreme-Swarovski grade crystals, quality lasering and packaging and our professional customization services. We also specialize in requests for customization to suit the various needs and expectations of our customers. Our customizations can range from trophies towering at a height of more than 3 feet to anything that you can imagine. Our team of production staff are fully equipped with the latest technology for 2D and 3D, internal or external laser engravings as well as sandblasting on our crystal products. Our professional staff are able to provide precise ideas, creativeness to craft every piece in its own unique way to gain the satisfaction of our customers. We are confident in providing our customers with top-notch quality, professionalism and satisfaction that they deserve. We are also proud to emphasize that we can deliver our fully finished products within the shortest possible time with no loss to the quality of our products.

With the resources we have on hand, Garden Home Crystal Palace simply provides a convenient one-stop-service, providing everything under one roof. Be it customization to engravings or even packaging, we provide the full package for customers to simply place their order and collect without the hassle of moving through other sources.

How are our Crystal Awards made?

The crystal used in our awards and trophies is 100% lead free. The absence of lead makes the crystal extremely hard. Because of its toughness, we can polish crystal to flawlessly smooth surfaces as well as cut it and bevel it with brilliant edges. Our crystal is produced in sheets of molten material up to 3 inches thick and before it hardens, it is subjected to extreme pressure and extremely high temperature of 1600 degrees to remove any air bubbles, inclusions or flaws.

Our crystal awards and trophies are polished, cut and bevelled by hand with ultimate precision and skill. “Handcut crystal” means the item is held against a spinning stone to cut the design. It is truly artistic workmanship at its best, which requires decades of experience!

Crystal without lead is not any less valuable than full lead crystal particularly when it is thick and heavy and finely designed. Our crystal awards manifest the ultimate recognition of excellence and appreciation. Crystal, with its exceptionally high perceived value, has been sought after and treasured for generations, and remains a status symbol even today.